Grabštejn castle: Walk through the centuries “Against the Flow of Time” (basic tour route)

On the „Against the Flow of Time“ route visitors walk through the castle from the newest adapted rooms to the earliesest. On the “Against the Flow of Time” route visitors walk through the castle from the newest adapted rooms to the earliesest; the route encompasses the apartment of the head forester, Renaissance Hall, patrimonial office, estate office, chateau room, ancestral hall, Josephine, Countess Clam-Gallas's room, Rococo room with panneau, Renaissance room with a fireplace, dining room and bedroom of Dr. Jiří Mehl of Střelice. At the end of the tour visitors can climb up to the castle tower which offers a view of the surrounding area. The tour is offered in Czech, German and English (foreign languages by appointment only). You can also join the Czech tour and we will lend you texts about the castle in English (as well as in German or Polish).

Rokokový salon

Basic information

  • duration 50 minutes
  • max. 30 people

Opening hours

Period Days Hours
1. 1.–31. 3. closed
1. 4.–9. 4. Sat–Sun 9.00–16.00
10. 4.–13. 4. Mon, Fri, Sat, Sun 9.00–16.00
14. 4.–30. 4. Sat–Sun 9.00–16.00
1. 5.–31. 5. Tue–Sun 9.00–16.00
1. 6.–31. 8. Tue–Sun 9.00–17.00
1. 9.–30. 9. Tue–Sun 9.00–16.00
1. 10.–27. 10. Sat–Sun 9.00–16.00
28. 10. Mon 9.00–16.00
29. 10.–31. 10. Tue–Wed 10.00–15.00
1. 11.–31. 12. closed


Guided tour in Czech (Any claim for a discount needs to be reported in advance at the castle ticket office.)

  • Full admission 120 CZK
  • Reduced admission: Children (6 - 15), Students (15 - 26), Seniors (over 65), ZTP card holders (over 18), adults after presenting a ticket from ZOO Liberec 80 CZK
  • Family admission (2 adults and up to 3 children under 15) 310 CZK
  • Free admission: Children (under 6), ZTP/P card holders and ZTP/P guides, ZTP card holders (under 18), ICOM and ICOMOS card holders, Ministry of Culture Czech Republic and its contributory organizations (ID card contains the holder's photo and the label of M. of C.), complementary NPÚ ticket holders and accredited journalists, Teachers accompanying a group of students (max. 2 adults) free

reservation needed for groups only