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An ancient castle with a Renaissance flair

(recently renovated with true love and care)

raises its turrets to the skies of the North.

Do not fear, traveller. Enter! Come forth!


Beyond the walls of sandstone and lime

lies many a treasure from the coffers of Time.

There’s also a chapel, most splendidly painted,

to Saint Barbara dedicated.


Not to forget the Renaissance hearth,

an unparalleled masterpiece this far up north.

A work of Giulio Romano the Great,

conserved to withstand all whims of fate.


One guided tour – and you’ll see it all!

Feel like exploring? Just give us a call.

But tours are not all, more’s to be had as well –

be it a concert or the chiming of a wedding bell…


Culture events in 2014


21. 4. 2014 Easter on Grabstejn


5. - 6. 7. 2014 Letohratky


In July 2013, every saturday

"Scaring at the evening"

Sightseeing tours on the beginning of the night with holy Barbara and the accompanyed people.


2.- 3. 8. 2014 Historical Market


23. 8. 2014 Beneficent concert for Grabštejn - Bedrich Smetana: Dve vdovy

Opera, 22th beneficient concert of Luděk Vele for the benefit of the castle of Grabštejn.


30. 8. 2014 Night of the castles and chateaux 

The not traditionally castle guide tours with fancy-dressed Guides.


6. 12. 2014 Christmas on Grabštejn

Christmas traditions, fairy tales and handworks...