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Castle news:

Grabštejn Castle as a „living place“

Exteriors of the Grabštejn Castle belong to the 16th century, when the castle was rebuit by the renaissance owner dr. George Mehl of Strelitz. The tour is like „a walk through the centuries“ starting in the beggining of the 20th century and going back to the 16th century. 

You can visit the salons, halls, living room, bedrooms, offices etc. of the Clam-Gallas family and halls, dining room and bedroom of George Mehl of Strelitz.
During the special tour you can experience the atmosphere of the castle cellars or the unique chapel of St. Barbara from the era of George Mehl of Strelitz.

You can also climb the tower of the castle and look around the land of the three borders of the Czech republic, German and Poland.

The Grabštejn castle is also known for its cultural events held all over the year - for instance Letohratky in July, Craft Fair in August or Christmas at Grabštejn in December.


Easter at the Grabštejn castle

A8C451E9-0A81-4DC5-AF0F-5FBC86C8FA32 Cultural event


8. 4. 2023 – 10. 4. 2023


Night of Churches

A8C451E9-0A81-4DC5-AF0F-5FBC86C8FA32 Special tour


2. 6. 2023


pARTNErs of the GRABŠTEJN castle