Renaissance castle or medieval fortress?

Grabštejn was originally a Gothic castle, built in the middle of the thirteenth century, which stands near the Tri-Border Area where the Czech Republic, Germany and Poland meet. It was remodelled in the sixteenth century as a Renaissance castle, and now offers visitors several guided tours. St Barbara herself – patron of the castle chapel – will be your guide on our children’s tour. This chapel is a Renaissance gem dating back to the mid-sixteenth century. The castle's interiors allow our visitors to travel through time, giving them an insight into history from the thirteenth century up to the twentieth century. The castle tower offers views of Zittau in Germany, Bogatynie in Poland, and, closer by, Popova Cliffs and the village of Chotyně. The public was admitted to the site for the first time in 1993, and that was also the year the first annual charity concert held in support of the castle took place.